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Мариинский театр Mariinski Theatre
St. Petersburg, 1 Theater Square
The Opera and Ballet Theatre, founded in 1783 by the Empress Catherine II. The modern name it took in 1860 because of  removal to a new building, it is devoted to the Emperor`s Alexander III wife – Maria Alexandrovna. One of the leading theatre scenes in Russia, it is connected to art of many great singers and ballet dancers. Tel.  +7 (812) 326 41 41
Sait http://www.mariinsky.ru
Большой Драматический Театр Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre
St. Petersburg, 65 Fontanka quay
One of the first theatres, founded after the October Revolutin. Tel. +7 (812) 310-9242, 310-0401
Alexandrinsky theatre 1.jpg Alexandrinsky Theatre
6 Ostrovsky square
One of the oldest theatres in Russia, kept save till the modern time. Tel. (812) 312-15-45
Sait: www.alexandrinsky.ru
Italianskaia ulitsa 2010 3087.jpg Komissarjevsky Theatre
Gostiny Dvor, 19 Italianskaya St.
Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg. Artistic director – Victor Novikov. Was founded in Leningrag in October, 18, 1942 as the “city theatre”. Since autumn 1944 it was called Leningrad Drama Theatre. In 1959 it took name oа Vera Komissarjevskaya. Tel. (812) 571-31-02
Sait: www.teatrvfk.ru
Sankt-Petěrburg 022.jpg St. Petersburg Lensoviet Theatre
Dostoevskaya. 12 Vladimirsky avenue
Drama Theatre, founded in St. Petersburg in 1933; till 1953 it was called the “New Theatre”, in 1953 it was recalled Leningradsky Lensoviet Theatre, in 1991 it took name St. Petersburg Lensoviet Theatre. Tel.  (812) 713-21-91
Sait: www.lensov-theatre.spb.ru
TTD BRATJA Elissevi.jpg St. Petersburg Comedy Thetre.
Gostiny Dvor, 56 Nevsky avenue
This Drama Theater became mostly famous by artistic director Nikolay Akimov. Official
date of foundation is 1. October 1929. tel. (812) 312-45-55
Sait: www.komediaspb.ru
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2010 3012.jpg Yourth Theatre on the Fontanka
Technologichesky Institute, 114 Fontanka River quay
17. December 1974 a new theatre was open in the Leningrad Lensoviet Theatre – Yourth Theatre. 12 people worked in it. Among them Sergey Migizko, Oleg Levakov, Vladimir Matveev, Larisa Luppian. Tel. :(812) 316-65-64
Sait: www.mtfontanka.spb.ru
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2010 3028.jpg Liteiny Theatre
Mayakovskaya, 51 Liteiny avenue.
Drama Theatre in the center of St. Petersburg, was founded instead of  ancient manege of Graph Sheremetev. Tel.  (812) 273-78-94
Sait www.naliteinom.ru
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2010 3017.jpg Komedianty Theatre
Ploschad` Vosstaniya, 44 Ligovsky avenue
Chamber Theatre, that has its own way of developing, its theatre aesthetics. Saved great achievements of Russian psychological theatre, taken precepts of Stanislavsky, Vakhtangov and their successors, the theatre is looking points of contact with actual themes of modern art and with todays spectator. Tel. (812) 764-81-14
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2010 3033.jpg Europe Theatre
Dostoevskaya, 18 Rubinstein St.
Malyi Drama Theatre was founded in 1944, and for the first time it worked for armies of Leningrad front. First the theatre was movable and had not its own building, only in 1956 it received its own building on Rubinstein street. Tel. (812) 575-73-54
Sait: www.mdt-dodin.ru
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2010 3096.jpg Subbota Theatre
Obvodny Channel, 30 Zvenigorogskaya St.
Founded in 1969 on young people group`s initiative on a Sutturday. Unusual theatre attracted artistic intelligent and received its support. Experiments of the theatre in 1970s brought it wide fame.
Tel. (812) 764-82-02
Sait: www.teatr-subbota.ru
Mikhaylovsky Theatre.jpg Mikhailovsky Theatre
Nevsky Prospekt, 1 Arts square
Emperor Mikhailovsky Theatre was open in 1833 by order of the Emperor Nicolay I. The theatre took its name after the youngest son of Paul I — Grand Duke Michael.  Mikhailovsky Palace was a Duke`s residence. The Theatre became a chamber scene, that received guests of high rank from the Emperor family and their confidants. Tel.(812) 595-43-19
Sait: www.mikhailovsky.ru
Sergeymila conservatory.jpg Rimsky-Korsakov Opera and Ballet Theatre
Sadovaya, 3 Theater square
The Conservatory was founded in 1862 on the base on music classes of the Russian Musical College, opened 3 years earlier. The main initiator and the first artistic director was Anton Rubinstein. He was also the first professor in piano classes. Tel. (812) 312-54-56
Sait: www.conservatory.ru
Music hall theater in SPB.jpg Music Hall, St. Petersburg
Gorkovskaya, 4 Alexander Park
December, 5. 1928 in the Opera Hall of Folks House the Leningrad Music Hall was open with premiere “Miracles of 20th cent., or The last carrier”.  The theatre received great fame thank for collaboration between I. Dunaevsky and Utesov`s “Tea-Jazz”. Tel. (812) 232-92-01
Sait: www.musichallspb.ru
Teatr Sankt-Peterburg 2011 3131.jpg Booff Theatre
Novocherkasskaya, 26/3 Zanevsky avenue
Democratic theatre genre, that combines music, dance, singing, comedy, musical, show, and other kinds of art. The first theatre Booth was open in St. Petersburg in September 1870 close to the famous Alexandrinsky Theatre.
Sady & Parky Sankt-Peterburg 2010 0121.jpg Domestic Theatre of Yusupov`s Palace
Sadovaya, 94 Moika River quay
Already on the first maps of St. Petersburg there was a wood Palace on this place. This was a small country estate of Peter`s I niece. In 1726 the princess gifted the estate to the Semenovsky regiment, that stayed there in 1742. and then it was bought by general P. Shuvalov, influential Elisabeth`s grandee. Tel. (812) 314-38-59
Sait www.yusupov-palace.ru
Philharmonics Hall SPB.jpg Saint Petersburg Philharmonia
Gostiny Dvor, 2 Mikhailovskaya St.
In 1803 in St. Petersburg was open the first in Europe Philharmonic society. In 1824 the society organized the world premiere “Missa Solemnis” by Beethoven. The Hall was built in 1839 by Pole Jaco for St. Petersburg Noble Society. The building front is constructed by K. Rossy. Tel. (812) 312-98-71
Site www.philharmonia.spb.ru
Glinka Capella 2004.jpg Saint Petersburg Court Capella
Admiralteyskaya, 20 Moika River quay
St. Petersburg concert organization, that includes the oldest professional choir society in Russia (founded in the 15th cent.) and philharmonic orchestra. Court capella has its own concert hall. Tel. (812) 710-69-13
Sait: www.capella-spb.ru